How To Aether

(1/17 update: want to take Aether to the next level? Check out the new Extended Tips series. There’s Part I, which covers basic health and hydration, and Part II, which is chock full of simple modifications to send that signature sensation past your palm and throughout your whole body!)


  1. Gently stretch your arms, neck and torso
  2. Slow inhale, slow exhale
  3. Hold the Aether between two fingers
  4. Keep arm and body free of tension
  5. Feel for a subtle “tempo” or “beat” within the Aether
  6. Continue steady breathing to strengthen output


Hey there!

Whether you were unable to feel Aether on your first try, or you’re simply curious to learn more, I welcome you!

This article was created to guide you through the many depths of what can be tangibly experienced with an Aether device.

But first, I want to introduce you to it! Aether (pronounced ee-thur) is a uniquely made meta-material with some interesting and beneficial properties. If you would like to learn more on how it works, check out the Aether 1-2-3 page.

Those who hold Aether in their hand report feeling a peculiar sort of “buzz.”

When they try and figure out why, they’re stumped.

Since this sensation is so foreign and unprecedented, your brain will do everything in its power to explain it through conventional means. In most cases, it will attempt to lump it into similar sensations that we already know, such as our pulse. This is your brain’s job, after all. To maintain a rigid and congruent view of reality.

I fear that some of you may give up after only a minute of effort, resigning this technology to a realm of scams and trickery. You might expect to feel it one way, but with a sensation so novel, it’s really a bit of a curve ball.

For this to be a success for everyone, good instructions are a must.

Here’s the thing. How do I give instructions on such an odd little device? I’m not treading on familiar ground here. I never went to school for explaining alien technology. Has anyone? Odd curriculum, if you have.

In wake of this challenge I had a bright idea: I’ll group and organize your first experience with Aether into sequential “stages,” each with its own instructions and goals. These are stages most all of us will run into as we come to terms with this technology and its effect on us.

The first stage is home to the most easily observed phenomena. Any common schmo could notice these. As they go on, they will take a further level of focus, as well as a deepening attention to detail, to fully perceive and explore.

Once you feel it, you can’t un-feel it. It will be as instant and effortless as hot and cold. Bear with me, give this a moment of your time, and I promise you it will be worth it.

But before we do all that…

Like you would for any rigorous, brain-altering event, let’s have ourselves a little…

That’s right, you’re now participating in a warm up! Don’t those words get you excited? Haven’t they always? Let’s slacken those loins. Ready to break a sweat? What’s that? No? You want to leave and never come back?

Good news! No sweat or slackening required.

In fact, for this warm-up you need only sit very still. More still than you’ve ever sat.

You can stand if you must. I guess. I was trying to make it easy for you. Either will work.


Now then. Your body. Your mind. Both will need a little TLC before we continue.


Pretty simple and straightforward. The goal of this warm up is twofold: to rid you of bodily distraction, and to put you in a highly wakened state. To get your body to this point, only three steps are required:

  • Fix your posture
  • Breathe like a younger you
  • Circulation!



No offense, but 99% of you have terrible posture. Me too! We’re all friends here. Bad posture means your spine is kinked, your organs are squished together, and your neck is a little folded in on itself. Hardly an optimal state.

As we get older, our postures suffer. Turn back the clock. Unwind. Chin up. Pretend as if you were a thousand pounds of shame lighter. Lengthen your spine by imagining your head is hanging by a string. Give that spine a nice stretch. Hey, not a bad idea… it may have been years since you’ve had good posture, and you might have trouble getting back into the groove. By giving yourself a little stretch wherever needed, your body will have an easier time shifting position comfortably. There are a million stretches one could do, and I promised you could stay seated for this, so if you feel more stretching is needed to get you to actually be relaxed for a moment, feel free to research it further. I recommend googling “stretches.”

If you’re doing this right, you may notice it’s suddenly easier to breathe. Makes sense, right? If your body is sprawled out instead of compressed, your lungs will have an easier time expanding. What’s more, total lung volume will be increased, so you’ll find it not only easier to breathe, but also easier to take bigger breaths.



As adults, our breathing becomes more and more shallow.

Slowly we transition from using our entire lungs to focusing on only the very top, right under our neck. As children, we breathed more with our bellies. Our backs, too. In fact, our entire torsos were involved. Every time we took a breath, we would enjoy a small stretch in our ribs, our bellies, and our organs.

And it felt good!

It’s part of the reason we so enjoyed ourselves as children. We were more in tune with our bodies. We weren’t locked into position. Luckily that can be changed.

Breathe with your belly to start. I understand, you’re afraid it’ll stick out. Someone might see. Oh the horror! No worries. Just try it for a second.Now breathe not only with your belly, but your lower back as well. This way you’ll look less pregnant. Imagine a little donut expanding around your midriff with each breath. Your lungs should expand out equally in all directions. Or at least, it should feel that way.

Tip: try for a longer, slower inhale. Same with the exhale. It’ll calm you down, increase oxygen intake, increase carbon dioxide removal, gives your entire core a better stretch… what more can you ask for?



Guess what? This step happens automatically! If you unwind, unstiffen and start breathing like a real live person, you’ll experience better blood flow. This is KEY to Aether perception.

The only thing that would prevent optimal circulation now would be the temperature. Are you cold? How about your hands? Cold hands can’t feel all that well. Get them warmed up. Do some exercise, buy a coffee. You can’t have cold hands for this.

The sensation you’ll find within Aether is quite subtle at first. I don’t want anything to hold you back. If you have all this in check, it’ll be smooth sailing for you.



…or, you know, take a yoga class. It takes care of all these steps.


Body all limber and relaxed? Isn’t that nice? Don’t you wish you could always feel this way?

Well, odds are you won’t. It’ll be only a little while until your usual habits creep up again, so let’s be quick! I’m going to soften up that head of yours.

There’s a long list of utterly useless junk we run our minds through each day. Each hour. Soaking up all our focus. Never giving us a moment of silence.

Some prefer that. Ceaseless distraction. It might serve you to keep your mind busy. Whether that’s the case or not, would you appreciate your own personal on/off button? Do you prefer a lack of control? Are automatic head habits sacred to you?

All I ask is for you to clear your head for a single minute. You agree, it would be nice to quiet the chatter in your head from time to time, yes? Stay with me here for just a moment, I’ll show you a quick way how.

And why not, we’ll do three steps again:

  • Past removal
  • Short the future
  • How to disappear completely



Do you find yourself with a pesky past problem? Embarrassments, failures, public erections? Did you bump into someone just a second ago, and did that someone give you a nasty look?

Is it eating you up inside?

I don’t care what it is, if it has already happened, and if it’s occupying your mind, it has to go.

All you have to do for this step is to acknowledge it. For this one minute, I will not occupy my mind with the past.

“My past is important to me. It made me who I am, and for that I accept and respect it. For this one moment, I will allow it a short break. The past will be there when I come back.”

Think those lines over a few times if you need. Some people have a tougher time doing this than others. However if it’s only for a minute, it couldn’t be that hard, right?



If you’re in finance, this title has a double meaning. However, like all financial jokes, it’s really not worth saying, so I won’t. You’ve said your temporary goodbye to the past. Time to do the same for the future. For just one minute, I want you to give it away.

The future is easier to let go of than the past. For one, it hasn’t happened yet. It doesn’t personally shake you to your core the same way the past does.

Not to belittle it. The future holds all your hopes. Your dreams. Every plan you make. It’s important, no doubt.

However, for one minute, just like the past, it will survive a moment of rest just fine. No mantra needed. Stressing over a late appointment won’t make the car go faster. Sweating over a dear one you’re about to disappoint won’t earn you any points with them.

If you truly believe you can make a difference by furrowing your brow and deepening your wrinkles then by all means, don’t let my words intrude. Though for this one minute, I promise you, your wrinkles will not fade. Release your hold on them for now. Relax.

Ease up on what has yet to become reality. It’s not real.



If you no longer have the past or the future stomping around in your head, you’ll find yourself with a surprisingly clear noggin. There’s nothing to worry about. No need to fret. Nothing has ever happened to you, and nothing is expected to happen. All you are is a single point, floating in the middle of nowhere.

In essence, you’ve disappeared.

If your goal is to feel a sensation totally foreign to you, you’re going to need to be as clean a slate as possible. All interference and detracting factors must be swept to the side.

If all you are is a single point in a void, you’ll find this easier to achieve.

All you are now is your perception of this very instant. And this one. Now this one. And an entirely new one after that.

In each instant, all I ask you to do is to relax the body, relax the mind, and feel.

No preconceptions, no endless loops of thought leading you by the nose.

Enjoy this minute. The only thing in your head should be what your nervous system is telling you. See what fades. See what maintains.

Float in your void and observe, dammit.

You get all that? Have it down? Continue to be relaxed. Maintain your breathing. Stay open and clear. If you can maintain all of this, you may proceed.

Minus the ten minutes it took to read and do all that, we are now at the one minute interval we first agreed upon. The minute it will take you to assure yourself of just what is happening when you place Aether in your palm.

0:00 – 0:15

“I can feel the pulse in my hand more than usual.”

0:15 – 0:30

“Feels quicker, too. My hand is almost throbbing.”

0:30 – 0:45

“Now it feels pleasant. Is all this coming from me?”

0:45 – 1:00

“I don’t think this is just my pulse. Whatever I’m feeling, I’m pretty certain now, it’s not coming from me…”

For those who didn’t arrive here, I’m sorry. We’ll puzzle over why that is later.

For the others, did you arrive upon something unique? A tingly, ebbing bubbliness, perhaps? Warmth? Heaviness? If nothing else, a funny sort of “tempo?”

Great. You’ve just entered the first stage.

You ever experience this? This Mexican Jumping Bean? For those who haven’t, here’s the gist: while holding this little bean, you will experience it “jump,” bounce and wiggle around. Would it not be strange, to hold a bean with a mind of its own, flopping around on your palm? As a kid I found it fascinating.

This is the first phase of interaction one can have with Aether. That is, the observation that there is a unique sensation to be had while in contact with Aetheric material.



A Mexican Jumping Bean is not quite so vivid a display as its packaging may suggest. You will not see this bean spin, shimmy or bounce around in the air as if it were magic. Here’s what actually happens: you let it lay on your palm for a good minute, and as it lays you watch closely. Give it a moment, and due to the heat in your palm, you will see the bean twitch and jostle about. This is the larvae inside the bean, attempting to move its living quarters as far from the source of heat as possible.

It’s not entirely an animal abuse friendly curiosity, these Mexican Jumping Beans. Insects still fall in a gray area. Whatever, it doesn’t matter, it’s just an example. I don’t condone them! And my sign isn’t racist! Leave me alone!

Let’s slip ourselves around the ethical ramifications and continue towards the useful aspect of this example: you place an item in your hand, and by doing nothing else to this item other than letting it lay there, you notice a tangible phenomenon.

“This little pod is essentially dancing in my palm!”
said someone at one point, probably

You feel fairly certain you did not fashion this bean dance yourself, so it must therefore be due to the bean’s own devices, yes? As can be observed, patience and awareness are a required prerequisite for one wishing to access the entertainment of this item. As slight and fleeting as that entertainment may be, there is a definite protocol involved.

Do you remember what it’s like, to feel something for the very first time? Something novel and entirely unexpected? It’s something we did often as kids, and has now become a process we usually automate, or skip over.

As typical as that may be, you will have to ditch that model for the time being. Sorry pal, there’s no CliffNotes for this here activity. Learn to have a new experience again. Try and truly apply yourself to this objective. Your only goal is to focus, feel, and observe. Exclude bias, push aside any preconceived notions, and bury your subvert intentions to sabotage.

I imagine by now, the beneficial effects of the warm up are fading. Too much reading. Attention is wavering.

Thing is, we’ve just begun. Can’t have that. So let’s do a quick refresh sesh! Miniaturized warm up module, go!

Hold the Aether as comfortably as you can, with as relaxed a posture as you can manage in your current environment. Whichever allows for the great circulation of air and blood. Do an inventory check on yourself. Are you all scrunched up, lungs bent in two, guts squished together in some mess of a sapien gumbo, hardly able to take a breath or circulate that sweet, sweet crimson? Unwind and breathe, brother! Stretch out, sis! If you’re too wrapped up in some odd and unhealthy bodily alignment, you’ll hardly be able to feel much at all. It does you no good. It numbs you. So, fix it!

Take a deep breath. Do a little stretch, and I mean it. Do it right now. Don’t care what it is, just stretch at least one body part.

Realize that improving your posture by just a little bit will increase blood flow and air supply to your entire body. Do not do this exercise just for me. Do it for your overall health. You’ll feel better, the more of your body you’re able to actively feel. Maybe not at first, but eventually, yeah, you will. Just trust me.


Much better. Continuing…

Rid yourself of physiological resistance. Become a quality “receiver” so to speak; a superb bioenergetic antenna. That’s what you’re feeling after all. Bioenergetic phenomena. I introduce the concept here.

Give it a minute; don’t make shortcuts. Genuinely pay attention not only to the Aether in your palm, but to yourself. What does your hand feel like, as opposed to before you began holding it?

You might think to yourself, what is this? I definitely notice a change, but why? Perhaps lack of circulation to my hand?

How often do you hold your arm out in this fashion anyways? You’re never out to actively feel anything with your palm (not often, anyways), so giving it sudden focus and support must be weirding out your arm somehow. Maybe it’s constricting blood flow? Yeah, it’s gotta be your pulse.

So go ahead, measure your pulse. Got a feel for it? Now hold the Aether again. For greatest effect, go for maximum surface area pressed against your skin. Don’t simply use your fingertips. Involve your palms.

To ensure your arm isn’t getting tired, I recommend letting your arm hang loose. Your hand should be relaxed as can be. You’re not trying to choke the thing, so use a gentle grip. Shoulder, shouldering no tension. The key here is to be as free from constriction and strain as possible.

You will notice a different sensation. At the very least, in the beginning it will feel like your pulse is stronger somehow; almost pounding.

Try it with a different object if you’d like. It won’t feel the same.

In all honestly, it feels much like a miniature, frantically beating heart. A “Manic Mexican Beating Heart”? Should that be the new name? I’m half tempted. Though I feel I’ve offended enough people already with my sign… so let’s rein it in a little.

To sum it all up, this stage is about perceiving a novel sensation which originates outside of your body.

Well now, wasn’t that neat?

Cool, huh?

Are you feeling safe and warm?

*checks watch*

Yeah, it’s about time for a

Truth be told, I started you off easy. Made all this seem fairly mechanical. An odd, unique little curiosity. I’m sorry if it was misleading. I only wished to delicately ease you into the startling truth:




Spooky, huh?

Related to the “orgone” energy that Wilhelm Reich became known for, this energy is present everywhere around us, much like the idea of “Qi” in China, or “prana” in India. What Aether does is a two step process:

1) accumulate it to levels strong enough for you to perceive, and

2) it gives this energy a unique spin or flavor as to make it stand out from typical orgone accumulators.

Let me make this clear: Aether does NOT run on plain orgone alone. Orgone and Aether are like oranges and apples. Or, like nonfat vanilla yogurt to a banana sundae. Yeah. I like that better.


3/16: Route is under construction.

I imagine you’re skeptical.

No, you’re not being tricked.

This stage is your main roadblock. You’ll come to terms with your own bias. The bias of your peers and community.

You will struggle to explain it with your known scientific definitions and laws. In many cases, nothing will cover what’s happening here.

How do you define what this is? You have some beliefs that to you are ironclad and undisputable. Does Aether disrupt them?

Beyond the simple act of feeling it, you have the next big challenge: accepting it.


Vital to any sudden leap forward in understanding or perception, we have a moment where we’re not exactly sure what is happening. Am I imagining this? Is this man hypnotizing me somehow? Am I being fooled? What is that feeling? Would I feel it if I held something shaped and weighted just like it? Maybe that’s it… hyper-perception of a held object. Some little mind trick. I bet this would happen with anything! I won’t fall for your tricks you idiot douchebag! Idiot!

(Fortunately, I do offer inert pieces of the exact same physical measurements and properties of all demoed items, yet no inexplicable sensation to speak of. Test them out, compare them to your heart’s content)

At first, denial is only natural. It’s what drives the rational mind. It’s the scientific approach. How we were raised, and how we’re taught to address the world. It’s a very healthy, very safe frame of mind. It’s good to be skeptical. However, much like various hairy areas of our bodies, if you let it go wild and unchecked, it could get rather unruly and clumsy. It could interfere. Sex will be a drag.

You don’t want sex to be a drag. Don’t let denial and skepticism choke out everything else! These are all correlated I swear!

After this initial friction and internal struggle, you can disengage from any corrupt perceptual mechanism. You are not ruled by your past, or your peers, or what the current popular notion is in our multiple millennia existence as cognizant beings. Remember, all you can truly prove is your unique personal experience, as Descartes postulated. I think, therefore I am.

As he stated, there truly is no way to prove we are not a part of some grand simulation. A good example would be the Wachowski film The Matrix, where all of humanity was involved in an entirely fabricated reality. Even if that were the case, Descartes argues that all which is truly “real” to any individual is their own personal experience; an individual’s experience is their reality. They cannot prove that anything else is true besides what they personally perceive and take action in. Perhaps not all truths of that interaction, not all angles and viewpoints, but they can at least rest at ease knowing that their unique slice of that cake is. It’s their honest realization of reality, and no one can say they didn’t actively experience it that way. No one can rewrite your story. Others can say anything they’d like to reimagine your experience, but they will never be able to invalidate it, or claim it didn’t happen. By modern standards of reasoning, that is impossible. All they can do is suggest alternatives. Possibilities. Educated guesses.

Those who do not perceive any stimulation from an Aether device will try and drag others down. They will tell you that anything you feel is a sham. It’s a hallucination. It can’t be real, and you should resist it. They will do all in their power to assure you that anything you might feel is not actually happening. In essence, they’re telling you you’re stupid, and that you were fooled. Who knows your experience better, them or you?

Don’t allow yourself to be bullied. Don’t succumb to peer pressure. Clear yourself of bias, and simply see what you can perceive with a unadulterated head and a receptive body. If you can maintain this open frame of mind, this invitation to the unlimited and unexplained, then you’re ready for the next stage.

Congrats! You made it past the bramble of self-sabotage and peer pressure. Now you’re free to observe just how far Aetheric technology can take you.

Biofeedback is a widely accepted procedure where one learns to consciously affect their body and mind. To achieve this, they measure their vitals on a screen. Through various techniques, they can learn to change their heart rate, breathing, perspiration, almost anything that can be measured.

Aether can perform a similar function.

With further time and practice, you will see that this “Aetheric sensation” can travel further than your palm. It can climb up your arm, spill over your heart, waft up and fill your skull. The lower your resistance to it, the further you can immerse yourself.

Your goal? See how parts of your body feel different before, during, and after interaction with Aether. Place it on the specific part, near it, or simply hold it and “guide” the energy there with intention, as a Chinese monk would via Qigong meditation.

It appears that this item can do more than just make your palm buzz.


To start, let’s define what biofeedback is.

“a process that enables an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purposes of improving health and performance. Precise instruments measure physiological activity such as brainwaves, heart function, breathing, muscle activity, and skin temperature. These instruments rapidly and accurately ‘feed back’ information to the user. The presentation of this information — often in conjunction with changes in thinking, emotions, and behavior — supports desired physiological changes. Over time, these changes can endure without continued use of an instrument.”

Biofeedback is a technology surmised of using sensitive instruments to measure your vitals, and how various aspects of your physicality, your tangible experience, change in reaction to any number of common stimuli. Observing these correlations, you can use this information to learn how to tangibly interact with your own body, and ultimately change these vitals, AKA the physical measurements your body displays for any given function. You can learn precisely what triggers certain perceptible reactions in your body, from any particular stimuli. Be it physical, social, emotional, or career based; truly, any aspect you desire to explore. Pro athletes and those eager to learn precisely how their bodies perform are all over this technology, and it has had very noticeable effects and improvements upon any particular desired physical function.

What I’m proposing is using Aether technology to create an entirely new biofeedback mechanism. However, instead of measuring a physical change like muscle activity or skin temperature, you are measuring a very different aspect of yourself: your perception. The observation of perceptible change in any given limb or organ or physical apparatus. How does your hand feel different, upon holding Aether? Relax and breathe. Now focus on your arm. How does your arm feel different, upon holding Aether? Relax it, breathe “through” your arm, “through” the Aether. Just pretend. Can you feel what you felt in your hand, in your arm? Now try your heart. Your gut. Throat. Head. See how far you’re able to perceive this novel sensation.

With this aspect of Aether, you can treat it as a biofeedback device. You can either hold it, or place it directly upon any particular spot on your body, and see how your physical perception of your body changes. Does it feel different than it did before? Better, worse? Energized, or depleted? Stimulated, or entirely numb? Test every spot you can think of. Observe your own difference in observation. More likely than not, you will notice a different sensation upon that area than before you came in contact with Aether. This will happen whether it’s placed upon that particular spot, or if you’re able to direct it to that spot through sheer focus and direction whilst holding it in your palm. Naturally, one is easier than the other, but I implore you to try both.

Once you’re able to feel just how it affects you in all these different aspects of your physicality, I’d say you’re ready for the next stage.

A sham of a stage, really.

This is the end of the tutorial. You did it. All done.

You’re left with a single question: what now?

Do you dare pursue how far this road goes? It’s unpredictable, fascinating. Liberating. A little fearful at times.

Are you happy with how far you’ve gone, and prefer to keep things the same? It’s not a shameful choice. This is a little spooky to take in all at once. I understand.

If you wish to take this further, I provide a few places to start in the box below.

Hope you’ve enjoyed yourself. Any questions, concerns, fan mail, bribes, get at me.



They grow up so fast…

You’ve gone as far as this little intro page could take you. We laughed, we loved, we cried. Some of us wet ourselves. One kid wandered into the woods and has yet to be found. It’s been real.

Now, don’t think you’ve hit the limit of what Aether is capable of. In actuality, you’re just scraping the surface. Being able to feel it is an important step. Observing just how it affects your body and its various aspects, equally important. Where do you go from this point? Unfortunately, I cannot go into all of that here. This website was created to be a reference for everything you want to do after this precipice. There are myriad options…

You enjoyed your free Aether sample, and now you’d like something a little more substantial? Check the Shop.

You enjoyed your Aether sample, and now you’d like to know what the hell is going on? Theories and research on just what may be driving Aether will be continually updated in my blogs. On the forums, you can hear from myself and the community on how we all experienced these devices. Perhaps in a more social environment these phenomena can be better understood and communicated.

You enjoyed your Aether sample, and now you’re curious: what’s the maximum effect this can have on me? Rest assured, most of my focus lies in this direction. How much of ourselves are subject to this mysterious material? What’s the future? The next step? This is very much a work in progress. I’m hard at work, categorizing, editing, spewing out them revelations and developments via keyboard. Depending on what the public desires most, I’ll release everything as fast as I can put it out, hopefully in an order that is most appetizing for you all. These publications will be posted under the Info tab on the main menu. This page will be duly updated as they become available.

I hope it’s been an interesting experience. If you have even half the fun I had with all this, you’re a changed man. A newly lit up woman. Everything can become so much better for you. You truly have no idea, the fruits you’ll encounter on the path you’ve embarked on. Good times lie ahead.

Again, f there’s anything you want a personal answer on, or anything you’d like me to know, feel free to contact me.