Shop Preamble

Grouped for simplicity, these shops spotlight the various product families, all centering around a unique feature or perk. If you would prefer to see everything in one place, here’s the traditional Shop format.

Each of these Shops displays items that can be programmed with a Variant. This means you can choose the function and/or sensation that your Aether device can have. From gently uplifting, to fiercely illuminating, to supernatural pest control (yes, really). Check the Variants page if you’re curious about all the options.

All purchases come with a money-back guarantee. If these aren’t the absolute strongest orgone devices you’ve ever come across, send them back for a refund.


Monsieur? Signor? Comrade?

I’d love to ship some Aether to you overseas (or past that ominous Canadian border). Thing is, shipping usually ends up being a good amount more than my standard $5.95 fee. Depending on the weight, it could be upwards of $20.

If you’re outside of the U.S., follow these steps to create a purchase. First, make your order in the Shop. I’ll manufacture it, package it, bring it to the post office and see how much they want for shipping. If it’s more than the standard fee, I’ll inform you.

Once informed, click the Donate button below and send the difference my way. When it’s received, I’ll ship your items out.

Did you notice a definitive lack of asterisks? There’s no catch! Can’t go wrong here! Every item in the FREE STUFF Shop is free. All you pay is shipping.

Each item has a unique shape, a novel sensation, and are potent enough to get a taste of what this tech is all about. Might as well learn the ropes with a free device.

Enjoy your free sample? Let’s take it a step further.

The main focus of the Starter Shop is “ergonomics.” All Aether here is designed to be comfortable to hold for long periods of time, giving you a chance to really get to know these peculiar energetic signatures. Starter Shop products are heftier in volume and deliver higher output than their smaller, zero cost counterparts. There’s enough gas in these tanks for you to truly test your limits.

Unlike the previous shop, you’re now able to choose the color and Variant you’ll receive.

A highly focused form of Aether, the Hexagonal Variant is another great choice for anyone new to bio-energetic phenomenon.

First created in August 2015, this is the most powerful non-HG Aether per unit of volume — even the smallest sized Prism will pack a wallop. The geometry of these devices allow for a more coherent and crystalline structuring of energy, making it easier to perceive.

The most mysterious Shop so far.

Instead of projecting energy radially as the other pieces do, you’ll find that it travels in a single direction. Depending on how it’s held, the product feels completely different. See what it’s like to fool around with an extradimensional fire hose.

What’s more, the energy extends past the end of the device much like a laser beam. The range is 40′ at its lowest, and multitudes of miles at its highest. Consult the Customization page to request an extended range for your item.

Aether, in jewelry form.

Passive protection and a steady dose of jubilation ebbing out 24/7, just above your heart. Free up your hands and wear this technology instead.

TIP: the HG-J Variant is highly recommended for these pieces, as it provides exceptional power in sizes as small as 0.25 cc. For daintier items like these, it’s the most bang for your buck.

Desiring a piece a little bigger than the palm of your hand? Or a lot bigger?

Here’s your stop.

All items here are rather hefty in size. Designed to affect an entire room, Hefty devices will provide enough power to keep you in high spirits by simply being near it.