Aether 1-2-3

In need of an introduction? Understanding how Aether works is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Energy is All Around You

  2. Hauling It In

  3. Put It To Work!

1) Energy is All Around You

We love Einstein. We love quoting him.

And that wild hair? So debonair.

He taught us that at its core, matter is a condensed form of energy. Our entire existence is a sea of energy.

All that solid stuff you bump into day after day? Energy.

Heat, light, gamma rays? Energy.

How about the vacuum of space? Cold, dead, void of life. Surely there’s nothing energetic going on here. Right?

Einstein might have a bone to pick with you. As would current physicists, the Standard Model, yogis and mystics and thousands of years of civilization. For now, we’ll stick to the science.

In order for any of our current theoretical models to work, we depend on notions such as “dark energy,” “dark matter” and others which we cannot see, measure or interact with. Awful lot of faith for the scientific crowd to employ, no?

It’s a little inspiring.

As it turns out, dark energy is calculated to be the vast majority of mass and energy in the universe.

“Overall, dark energy is thought to contribute 73 percent of all the mass and energy in the universe. Another 23 percent is dark matter, which leaves only 4 percent of the universe composed of regular matter, such as stars, planets and people.” [1]

Even in the vacuum of space you will find this energy teeming in the background.

If Western scientists are to be taken at their word, it is an unseen, unusable mystery of our existence that we may never figure out within our lifetimes.

Conversely, the Chinese,




Most ANY culture that’s been around longer than a few hundred years believes otherwise.

They believe this subtle universal energy is, in fact, quite usable. All it takes is dedication to a particular path, any of which will typically include methods of meditation, geometry and/or magic.

Personally, I prefer the second, more empowering approach.

2) Hauling It In

We could talk about how the world has used this energy for weeks upon years, but since we’re working with the Internet’s attention span we’ll skip all that.

Point is, this energy is accessible. You could learn to accumulate it within your body, as you would with the meditation systems of Qigong, Tai Chi, Pranayama and other similar artforms.

Or you could channel it through a physical object instead. This saves you the effort of consciously maintaining coherence and equilibrium the whole way through.

If you’re in a rush, give the latter a try! All it takes is you standing still and holding an item. It’s instant gratification.

If you find yourself attracted to mystical items, chances are you’ve already tried a distant cousin of Aether.

Ever hold a crystal and, upon giving it a moment of focus, felt a certain something you couldn’t explain? A buzz, a tingle, or some ephemeral sensation?

These crystals would appear to function as subtle energy transformers. What you’re feeling is the filtering of subtle energy through this particular crystalline geometry. This unique and uniform atomic structuring processes and polarizes this energy into something more immediately tangible to us.

This is the case for crystals, metallic crystals (i.e. metal) and, surprise, all living things on Earth.

Through body-based bio-energetic structures, we absorb and then output these subtle energies. These structures have various names: chakras in India, meridians in China, etc.

The processed energy leaves the body in unique configurations. Common names for these configurations names would be emotion and mood.

There truly is a system of physics in place to explain the phenomenon of empathy, and much of human behavior in general. We’ll speak more on this another time.

As I hinted at earlier, it helps to think of a crystal as a filter, a “photo filter” in particular, tinting all light which passes through it blue, or green, etc. The light comes out altered and specialized to a unique spectrum.

Another way to visualize this is to observe a crystal radio. These miraculous little devices use a crystal diode to transform radio waves into electricity and sound. No batteries required. Though the signal can be a little crummy.

The basis for this phenomenon lies in the unique atomic geometry within each crystal. The entire volume of a crystal will exhibit this same geometry, which makes it an exceptional antenna or relay. This precise geometry is what gives a crystal a particular “base frequency” which is the seat of a crystal’s character.

That might explain the energetic phenomenon of crystals, but what does this have to do with Aether?

I won’t be sharing any trade secrets, but this material follows a very similar protocol.

At Aetheric, we’ve mastered a process that allows us to customize the “subtle geometry” of the Aether material. If you were ever curious as to what the secret is, there are clues to be found in the Research Hub. Every article relates to some aspect of Aether’s functioning or creation.

To boil it down to a single sentence, we can manufacture a specialized “biochemical crystal” to desired specifications.

The resulting material will then draw subtle energy in, much like a crystal. It gives this subtle energy a unique form upon output, much like a crystal.

Aether, however, is many times stronger in output than a crystal or any traditional orgone device. If those items never did anything for you before, this is the supercharged, grown-up version of the same process.

You are far more likely to have better luck here.

The second difference is that my products will continually output scathingly positive energy. These can never be deprogrammed, and will never require the typical sort of periodic energetic cleansing that most crystals need.

Once the resin crystallizes, and programming has concluded, it is permanently sealed from outside influence.

Every time you pick it up from here on out, it will feel just as it did the very first time.

3) Put It To Work!

Some of you already know full well the benefits of working with crystals. Individuals who are blessed/plagued with exceptional sensitivity often find themselves drawn to these items early on. Holding the appropriate crystal can help you focus, clear your head, inspire creativity and aid in performing a multitude of energy-based tasks.

Let’s think for a second. If that’s the case for a typical crystal, what could an even greater energetic output do for you?

Health. How’s yours? If you’re lacking in any department, check out the Who Needs Aetheric page. This is especially helpful for those with persistent and bothersome emotional tendencies such as anxiety, or a mental penchant for self sabotage.

I like to think of emotion as the sum of its parts. E-motion: energy in motion.

Desire a different emotion? Aether can filter the energy that comprises your mood into a configuration you would prefer.

Trust. Any issues there? If you desire to hone your social intuition, learn how to read a person by their energy. Whether you’re sensitive or not, there are a few things you can do to make some important qualities immediately apparent.

Start off by testing your friends, why not! Even the greatest actors cannot hide the nature of their energy when in contact with its polar opposite, and powerful positive energy lights up a fellow’s secretly insidious core like a Christmas tree.

Curiosity. If there really is all this energy at our immediate disposal, just how much of this lore from around the world is true? What can be done with it? The study of putting this energy to work is often referred to as magick or the working of miracles.

Can you imagine? What if there really were something to them? These higher level artforms. What if they were, in some form, real?

If they were real this whole time, it’d be an utter waste to not know anything about them.

All sorts of shenanigans are being missed out on.

Personally, I’d feel downright cheated.

Between all the ancient ventures of our oldest cultures, and all we’ve cobbled together up til now, a million techniques and secrets have been established. Some useful, some not.

These are the first to be found of untold millions more.

As for the contents of these unexplored directions, one can only wonder…

What might we all discover?