root word: aether (ee-ther)

Greek mythology: “the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals”

“a theoretical, universal substance believed during the 19th century to act as the medium for transmission of electromagnetic waves”

“an omnipresent, perfectly elastic medium having zero density, called aether”

The word aether and all its forms have had a storied, tumultuous past. It’s had various definitions that all lean towards something invisible medium that permeates the universe.

I’m going to add a new one.

In this instance, Aether is a handheld accumulator of biological energy.

What does that mean, an accumulator of energy? What is actually being done, here?

For visualization’s sake, imagine all the space around being filled with an imperceptible  fluid.

Some might call this fluid qi, or prana, or mana. Some, biological energy. Some, dark energy.

In any case, it’s a medium that is vital for our physical reality to exist. Without it, life would not be possible.

Now imagine that within the device is a sort of whirlpool or vortex that draws this extra-dimensional fluid in.

Much like a breeze, or a stream of water, we perceive this medium best when it’s given motion. This is because, much like air, we don’t feel it much if it’s static.

Based off orgone technology, and expanded to a stupendous degree, Aether technology was developed to grant everyone full access to this very much uncharted aspect of our reality. Making the intangible, tangible.

And once the intangible is tangible, you’ll begin to know what you’re capable of.

——- “What Lies Beneath, Unsheathed” ——-

Introduction: New to Aetheric? I’d recommend these pages first

—You may want to know what it is you’re getting yourself into here, stranger


—If we’re going to get anywhere, you’ll need to know how to use this stuff


—I mention “energy” a lot on this site. Wish to know how Aether gives you that otherworldly sensation? It may be the very same mechanism that cultures around the world make use of every day


—Aetheric technology affects a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For real. Take a look and see how it can apply to your life


—Are you a pro athlete? Martial artist? A performer, singer, or simply a nervous wreck? No matter your path in life, I’ve written a page dedicated to your craft. See how Aether can aid you in achieving your goals


Background: Learn a little about me, the originators of the technology I’m working with, and a third thing maybe

—Orgone energy is the predecessor of Aetheric technology. The story behind it is engrossing and quite scandalous; a good read!


—Just a little about the dude who’s making these things


A Closer Look at Aether: All the little details and options available with Aether

—Take a peek at the unique sensations and capabilities that are possible with Aetheric technology


—A slowly growing list of custom Variants, the functions they perform, and ongoing research of their effects


—What sorts of free samples are available? Why offer them?


—Myriad ways you can personalize your Aetheric experience. Over 50,000 possible combinations, not to mention specialized programming for abstract sensations like “love” and “courage.”


—“Gifting” is a movement within the orgone community which aims to energetically benefit one’s immediate environment. Learn how it all works here


Independent Research: These endless pages of text are nice and all, but every once in a while you’ll want to hammer a few concepts down with some cold, hard science. Preferably done by someone other than myself

—A handy collection of all scientific research I’ve come across that alludes to a slipperier reality than we might have been raised to believe


ARFs: Aetheric Request Forms, or ARFs. Custom projects for unique audiences

—for athletes who wish to make use of Aetheric technology in a fashion best suited for their unique training regimen. Custom accessories and energetic functions desired? Inquire within

ARF: Aspiring Athletes

—for scientists who are eager to try their hand with Aetheric materials. Convince me you’ll whip up a kickass experiment and there may be some free Aether in it for you

ARF: Scientists and Researchers

Other: Pages that are unruly and refuse to be labeled

–Welcome one and all to the gradual untangling of just what the hell is going on in my forums


—All the other little bits of info you might find interesting


Why choose Aetheric?

Delivering instantly assimilated biological energy through a variety of ergonomic shapes. Options are many. Hold it in your hand, put it in your pocket, or wear it around your neck. Intent shapes and directs energy, so the more focus you give your Aether, the stronger the effect.

For most of you, my product will be a bold step into the unknown. I’m evicting all semblance of a social life at this time to write up a tidal wave of articles and features to keep you informed and excited at the possibilities and certainties of this technology. If your curiosity falls between the cracks, feel free to contact me via email, text, phone or Twitter. Don’t be shy: this is my passion. I truly enjoy talking about Aetheric and all subjects related to personal freedom and enrichment.

Rather than continual distraction of a perverse and addictive nature (drugs/pharmaceuticals, alcohol, pornography, etc.), I offer a beneficial, pleasant and thoroughly engrossing alternative. A fine analogy: imagine salad tasting like bacon wrapped shrimp. No more struggle eating healthy, is there? Most importantly, seemingly permanent emotional issues appear to have underlying energetic patterns — and yes, these can be altered, but it’s most easily done with an energy-based tool. Do a little energetic self-therapy and go right for the source. Find yourself requiring distractions less and less often. Life can be so good without those neurotic thorns in your side.

More about me

Who I am

All I am is a simple man who started all this in a sordid garage. Take note that the biggest companies and bands in the world started in garages; things are looking good for me. I spend each day tinkering and fiddling, dipping my fingers into the mesh of the unknown, and spitting it out into pretty, colorful packages for the masses. I’m the Willy Wonka of the incomprehensible, the Steve Jobs of the magical, the Mark Zuckerberg of personal charm… well, can’t win ’em all.

What I do

I offer a metamaterial which transforms subtle energies into a form that is much more tangible. This material is fashioned into handheld devices which I call “Aether.” For those who have demoed orgone devices or the like, Aether is similar in nature but far less wimpy than typical subtle energy tools. These pack a real, tangible punch when held and no, I will not tell you how I do it. To make up for my secrecy, I offer free samples of nearly every sort of Aether I offer. While funds last, this includes shipping.

Why I do it

The state of our societal psyche is utterly depressing. Here we are, in a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world, and we’re depressed, self-repressed, obsessed with pharmaceuticals and thus numbed to oblivion. Growing up, I’ve come to realize that the number one thing I abhor in this world is suffering, and if even -we- are miserable, how’s the rest of the world faring?

My Aether material generates a customizable sensation that can battle suffering of all sorts without drugging you up, dulling your senses, or poisoning you. I’m overjoyed that I’ve come across such an empowering, accessible and inexpensive technology, and will put everything I have into getting a message across: if you want out of your cage, you have options. And if you want some sort of unknowable “more,” no matter what walk of life you come from, I can offer you more. Incorporating otherworldly energy into your lifestyle, naturally, will spice things up a little. Personally, I’m having the time of my life. I feel you might, too.

Where I do it

I have twelve factories in twelve palaces located in the most exotic and interesting countries in the world!

That’s a lie. I make everything on a porch attached to a cozy little apartment. Though that’s only the half of it. A few times a week you’ll find me demoing my wares along the streets of Seattle, in a public park, at a bus stop — all depends on my mood. I’ll disclose my location a day or two ahead of time via my Twitter account. I’ll demo each type of product I offer, how they can be used, and showcase the intriguing effect that happens when a group has an Aether device in its hand; the air becomes quite electric.

(If a bunch of yous ask really, really sweetly, perhaps I can be persuaded to visit a spot of your choosing)