Aether: a handheld bio-energetic transformation device. Orgone to the nth degree. More uses and benefits than there are Dr. Seuss inventions.*


A solid-state energy source does wonders for your stats. Higher endurance, resistance to status effects, an extra spritzing of luck and at long last: access to spellcasting. More or less.


Be the first on your block to utilize an effective healing approach with zero side effects. Physical, emotional or spiritual, the thorn in your side can be removed at a refreshingly low cost.


Misdirection: the most plentiful resource on Earth. Anyone can be a star actor or a false friend. No one can mask their energetic nature. Learn to discern. Never be taken for a fool.


Until called upon, latent abilities lie dormant within you. Time to take stock. Further your perception. Heighten intuition. Access greater power. Realizing your true strength you’ll know: no one can ever hinder you again.


Tap into an omnipresent pheromone. It is energy that drives the irresistible magnetic pull that is infatuation. Cease being “accidentally” charming. Hone it down to a science. Elevate it to an art.


With energetic mastery comes malleability. You may feel small, devalued or defeated at times. Know this: these notions are never permanent. Switch them out for something better. Become the person you prefer to be.

Need patching up? Soothe through bio-energetic means. Better. Faster. Free-er.

Encounter the only handheld hobby more engrossing than your overlord — I mean, cellphone.

Beautifully crafted with technical excellence
and exceptional attention to detail.




I’ve placed the buttons most first timers are looking for right here. This site will only grow in its content, and I don’t want you getting lost.

For those curious souls, I present the inner workings of Aether via three simple concepts. Further background and ramblification can be found here.

AETHER 1-2-3

For those who were given a sample of Aether and find yourself clueless on how to access it.


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Expand Your Horizons

Wean off that 3D fixation of yours. Frequently updated blogs and features to keep you informed on how to best utilize your Aetheric products. Be among the first to map out uncharted territory.

Meditation & Therapy Aid

Experience a more vivid and tangible introspective experience than ever before. After that, go a little further. Places you would normally rather not. It’ll be different now. You’re better armed.

One of a Kind Gift

Ever had an experience with bio-energetic phenomena? See how it feels to hold one. Surreal, rejuvenating and “alive” all at once. There’s no better gift than an instant introduction to the uncanny.

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This is an ongoing process of discovery. To be honest I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. There’s enormous potential to be had here and you’re all along for the ride. This is a new and bewildering field and I imagine you’ll want a secure foundation of knowledge to use as a starting point for your own personal explorations. I’ll keep you informed and will happily explain anything you would like clarified.

If you’re ever in doubt, feel free to ask away.


*the FDA does not approve of this one bit! A massive loss would result for their pharmaceutical overlords if this technology took off. For now please consider Aether to be a simple form of entertainment, lest I be sued. Aether has not been proven by the aforementioned agency to treat or cure any disease. Continue at your own peril, mortal!