NEW: HG Variants

NEW: HG Variants

There’s always something new cooking at Aetheric Headquarters.

This latest development hails from a research partner who originated this entire technology. For now, he will remain anonymous.

Now then, what’s the deal with HG?

HG = HoloGraphic

Well, sure, but what does that mean?

In this circumstance, it means that each piece imbued with an HG Variant can access the processing power of EVERY OTHER DEVICE CREATED BY THAT PROGRAMMER.

HG-J, for example, is a Variant which is able to dip into all Aetheric creations that I, personally, have made. Be they large, complicated devices or small items Gifted across the landscape.

Remember the Loop mentioned in the Gifting blog? Every star on that map consists of at least one high-powered Aether device, all of which are accessible through any HG-J item.

HG-L is the second holographic Variant I offer, and it represents the collection of the researcher who originated this technology.

His collection eclipses even my own, though there are far more HG devices at work that draw from it.

“Which HG Variant is right for me?”

For most, I recommend the HG-J.

My collection of Aetheric devices occupy a more narrow etheric bandwidth, so to speak. There are also less HG pieces in circulation, meaning you and your surroundings will get a bigger share of the network.

HG-J devices typically have greater focus on well-being and immediate gratification. A soothing introduction to what this technology is all about.

The HG-L Variant I recommend to those in dire situations, where nothing else seems to make an impact. Right away you’ll notice it has a grittier, more war-oriented fixation.

HG Variants are dynamically accessed, meaning that their output can change depending on the energetic surroundings of the device.

If there is an exceptionally negative person, being or energy present, any one HG device will draw more power from the programmer’s network to address it.

Feeling down? Bad day? Anxious, distracted? For 95% of people, the HG-J will be the most immediately pleasing.

Facing a personal Apocalypse? Dealing with diehard Satanist serial killers? You might need the hardcore heft the HG-L offers. Just realize that you’re competing for attention amongst a rather wide network of recipients. So your situation may need to be rather significant if you wish to draw full power from an HG-L device.

But if it does, prepare to feel some fireworks.


Lastly, Gifting

Do you live in the armpit part of town?

Is your workplace full of the worst sorts of nasty?

All of that can be changed with some expert placement of HG pieces.

The full power of a programmer’s network (that is to say, thousands of devices minimum) can be accessed through a volume as small as 0.25 cc., or a fourth of a cubic centimeter.

Just so you know, that’s crazy small.

It doesn’t take much to make a big difference in your life.

Interested? The Gifting Shop opens in just another few days. Stay posted!