the Fun Part

Everybody Loves Lists. Here’s a List.

Get a glimpse into some perks of being an Aether owner.

Experience a Sensation You’ve Never had Before, on Demand

An exclusive glimpse into the dazzling unknown. Use drugs.

A powerfully pleasant experience. Have sex.

To function after mismanaged nights. Have an energy drink.

There’s a million ways we acquire our unique pleasures.

Thing is, there’s usually a catch.

Energy drinks leave you zombified.

Drugs do that too. Plus they bleed your bank account dry.

Sex is all fine and good, a healthy pastime, but it has its time and place, and can be a finicky beast.

To have a portable source of peace and relaxation, with no side effects or drawbacks…

Now wouldn’t that be something?

Defeat Boredom with Sensation

Smokers who quit smoking will have no clue what to do with their hands. They’re used to using them while conversing with others. Without the cigarette, order evaporates.

Those modern day sorts who skip socializing via smartphone dawdling. Were those devices to disappear, they would feel lost, and exposed..

Those who go to school or work? Your entire body and mind want to be somewhere else, doing something else. Boredom flourishes here, and thoroughly.

Everyone gets bored, and we do it in so many ways. Our minds and even our limbs can get bored.

If you find this to be the case, Aether will be of profound use to you.

It’s invigorating, eye opening, refreshing and introspectively rewarding. You’ll breathe easier. You’ll feel newly alive.

It will feel like wings unfurling. Your hair being let down. A revitalizing scrub down that is wholly unique and far reaching.

That just might put a dent in your dull moment.

Make Your Workouts Less of a Hell

You ever work out?

No? Lucky dog…

What’s that, you have?

It sucks, right?

Hold on to some Aether while you’re taking a breather. You will notice an entirely new avenue of energy become available.

You are no longer limited to how much air you can suck in, nor the calories expelled.

The subtle energy of the universe can help power your workout just as they do.

It is, after all, a highly condensed mechanism of subtle energy, available for immediate use.

The more acclimated and skilled you are with energy circulation, the more effectively you can wield it.

Do you feel like this skill is not something you possess? Don’t worry. You can learn.

Involve energy to aid in your recuperation. Recover quicker. Finish faster. Be more efficient.

And do it for next to nothing in cost.

Makes for a Not Horrible Gift

Gift an entirely new aspect of life to explore.

Aether: a shiny new extra-dimensional flashlight.

You’re never too young or too old or too presumably dead inside to enjoy a wondrous mystery.

Apply Interior Design to your Innards

Show of hands. Who doesn’t love decorating? So many things to decorate. To customize.

Wall art, rugs, plants, bookshelves full of prestigious books you haven’t read, it’s all quite enriching.

Now, what if these trimmings were more than a material veneer? What if it did something above and beyond matching your drapes?

By utilizing elements in your house and surrounding environment, you can balance the more invisible aspects of the home.

The energetic curvature of a place is noticeable whether you acknowledge it or not. You’ll feel it. Your guests will feel it. It can affect mood, shape moments, and it can do this for best or for worst.

Now there’s a way to address it.

Place any particular number of Aether devices in your room, and spread them as you see and intuit is fit.

This will have a definite, positive outcome on your mood, for all these devices do is pump out etheric energy of a positive nature.

That’s its sole purpose.

Select a few pieces, place them accordingly, and realize something profound.

You can now decorate in a fashion your neighbors could never hope to.

The proximal war over who has the the most bomb digs? It’s over.

You will have the ability to energetically uplift every individual who enters your abode. Within these walls your guests will feel safe, comforted, invigorated, lighter and freer than any other house they’ve known.

Whether the Aether is visible or not, the effect is the same.

Get in on it, before your neighbors do.

Make Water Taste Damn Fine

As Dr. Brule stipulates, there are numerous ways we can spice up our beverages.

Water seems to be the limiting factor here. Is there any way we can make pure water a little more impressive? You can filter it, you can add a few minerals, and these indeed have an effect. However, if you want a real treat, simply place some water on top of an Aether device.

Ongoing research shows that water and etheric energy have an affinity for each other. Water appears to attract and accumulate energy, which might explain why you feel a unique calm and joy when near large bodies of water.

Give it a try, then give it a taste. So far, all those who have demoed this effect report that their water tastes “smoother,” more “alive.” Use it for basic thirst quenching, and then try it for your cooking, your plants, anything you’d like.

Most any Aether product will give this effect, though I do have one formulation that does this best of all. I do not offer this Variant as a default choice, so if you would like to demo this Water Charging Variant, feel free to contact me and I’ll send some your way.

Makes Meditation Minimally Mundane

Isn’t meditating just, like, totally boring? You sit there and sit there, begging for an end.

Floating there for what feels like a life sentence.

When you finally choose to end the session, you check your clock to see that 11 minutes have passed.

So. Much. Fun.

Granted, you will reap benefits with continued practice. Day after day, month after month…

But still. Don’t you wish it was a little more interesting?

Involve energy. Qigong and pranayama are just two of the many methodologies which involve not just the typical fare of keeping focus and breath work, but also the cultivation of energy.

Rather than solely attempt to perfect the emptying of your mind, why not master the bending of subtle energy at the same time?

It will help sustain your focus, as well as prove to be a supremely useful

If you want a big stash of energy to inject right from the start, hold on to some Aether.

Believe me, it takes a few solid weeks of Qigong practice to build up enough  energy to circulate much at all.

You might as well skip all of that, then double back to get all the loot you¬† missed. It’s a smart and effective strategy for quick gains and to deeper depths of your introspection.

Make Therapy Less of a Bore

Is there anyone in your life that would consider therapy “thrilling”? Delving into a painful past, again and again, spilling it to a therapist who does his or her best to talk them away.

Given years of repetition, who knows. You might even notice a change for the better.

As ongoing research is showing, there appears to be an energetic component to our mood and well-being. Once it “crystallizes”, it’s hard to escape via solely cognitive methods.

An energetic knot such as this is the sort that can only be undone with the right tool and/or approach.

Traditional therapy has this “untying” happen mostly by accident, and it can take quite a while to achieve. What has been described as “catharsis,” and the euphoria that comes with it, is precisely what it is to have an energetic knot be undone.

Would you desire a catharsis or two? Involve energy from the get go.

Aether delivers a thoroughly positive energetic output, which has a two-pronged approach to bettering therapy:

1) The Aether consistently soothes you from the start. You’ll be more comfortable digging into painful memories and sharing them with another person, as therapy would have you do

2) Once you encounter the knot behind the issue, you’ll find Aether makes this rectification easier to accomplish. After all, its sole function is to process and transform energy

Couldn’t hurt to add it to the mix.

If it works out, you could breeze through counseling a little quicker. A little more certain of yourself.

Make the Annoying Less of an Issue

Now we’ll delve into the sort of perks you wouldn’t dare even dream about. We start with the painfully annoying crowd you might be forced to encounter. You know the sort. They could be customers, co-workers or just an unfortunate offhand encounter.

If you take Aether to a far enough extent, your awareness and sensitivity to etheric energy will develop. Distinction will become further refined and you’ll be able to perceive differences between all manners of energy systems.

A good example would be other humans. Think of it as another aspect to throw into cold reading, or the reading into a person’s character by simply looking at them. Posture and body language reveal much, but energy goes even deeper.

Additionally, it’s harder to fake. Good acting won’t help anyone here.

Our research has illuminated an interesting characteristic of the painfully annoying: in the most extreme cases, an unpleasant energy accompanies them. Think of it as a “psychic stench.” The sort that makes your heart clench up and your breathing shallow.

Some folk are simply too energetically noxious to permit you peace while they’re around. Be they coworkers, friends of friends, or any stranger that pollutes your presence.

As your perception improves, you’ll be able to spot these sorts quicker. Often before they have a chance to open their mouths.

This gives you just enough time to brace yourself and take a few clean breaths. A little warning goes a long way when it comes to your well being.

There are, of course, additional things one can do to deal with these people, beyond the awareness of their impending presence. Numerous options for development of these skills await anyone who desires them.

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Want more?